Brad started playing guitar and singing between the ages of 11-13 years old in Michigan -- and he really never wanted to stop. Brad was the youngest of 3 boys, and also had an additional 3 half-siblings who were more than 10 years older; however, they were only around time to time. He was exposed to so much music through all of his older siblings – a mix of all the greats from the late 60’s and 70’s. The music was pretty vast – Kansas, Bob Seger, Neal Young, Stevie Wonder, Kiss, Frank Zappa, Kool & the Gang, Utopia, Uriah Heep, Ted Nugent, Super Tramp, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Pink Floyd, among many others that would forever shape his ears and musical mind.  

At the age of 12, Brad joined his older brothers’ cover band and his first stage appearance was singing “Stray Cat Strut” at a Holiday Inn lounge. He was involved in high school bands, playing every chance he could get, school dances, parties, or battle of the bands. Brad always played guitar or bass and did most of the lead vocals. 

After high school, Brad moved to Chicago, he was simply in search of the nearest “big city” he could find. He ended up joining a professional cover/original band for 3 years playing 4-6 nights a week in night clubs, acting like he was 21 when he was only 17. Making a couple hundred dollars a week at that age, he felt like he was on his way to a big music career. After meeting an older gentleman who was playing the same club circuit, singing the same songs, and making the same amount of money, it changed Brad’s whole perspective and he knew there had to be more.

After 3 years of touring around the tri-state area, Brad ended up in Los Angeles, where he would attend the Musicians Institute and graduated from the Vocal Institute. During his time in Los Angeles, he got into the Hollywood party scene and drugs and alcohol became a normal part of his life. Throughout the 90’s he went on to play with a lot of great musicians and tour professionally around the world; however. There was always something missing, opportunities just never worked out and he would learn later on that this was all apart of God’s plan.

Once he became a father, the struggle to make a living and travel that came along with being a musician would no longer work. By God’s grace he landed an opportunity in the denim washing industry that would eventually lead to a job in New York City. Focusing on family Brad ended up leaving music entirely for 5-7 years. This was a confusing time for him, as he became the Vice President at a Fortune 500 Company, without a college degree. His life had become something so different. 

Brad would return to California in 2005 for another job in the premium denim market. His family settled in Valencia, CA and bought a home with a recording studio. 

In January of 2010, Alden hit a personal rock bottom after his 15-year marriage ended in divorce and his children moved across country to Florida with their mother. His only reference of church was the Catholic churches he grew up attending, which left him with a skeptical opinion of church. To honor the request of his brother, Brad found himself attending Angelus Temple, the church of the Dream Center, with Pastor Matthew Barnett. The people there and the non-traditional way of “doing church” showed Brad what God’s love is without religion, but with true personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Alden went on to release his first album with purpose in 2013 titled Audience of One. In 2014, Brad met his wife, singer/songwriter Danielle Lee, while leading worship at a local church in Southern California. The two were married in November 2014 and continue to lead worship together at various churches in Los Angeles.